Mcmudia Oil & Gas Ltd

Mcmudia Oil and Gas Limited was set up to fill the gas supply gap in our today demand. Mcmudia oil and gas is the group's subsidiary into the supply of gas and petroleum products. We do not just supply these products, we ensure these products get to the end user’s doorstep.

We do not stop in our quest to ensure we improve the quality of life of people and the environment, this is why we provide clean energy to homes thereby reducing deforestation. With limited operations and supply at the moment, we continue to work on expanding our supply, storage, and distribution capacity.

Our services/product include:

  1. Gas supply and retail
  2. Diesel supply

Our Vision

To become a brand that improve the quality of life of people and the environment

Our Mission

To successfully provide quality services and products in the oil and gas sector that will bring our customers closer to their aspiration.

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Phone - +2347031081147
Email - oilandgas@mcmudia.com
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