Mcmudia Transport & Logistics Ltd

Mcmudia Logistics And Transport Limited is the subsidiary arm of the group operating in the transport sector of the economy. Since its establishment in 2021, we have continued to increase our completed pickup and delivery orders within the city of Lagos and its environs.

The goal is to be one of the major players in the logistics and transport space in Nigeria and Africa. We currently operate in the logistics space providing pickup and delivery of goods within Lagos and its environs while we work towards expanding into movement of people within Lagos and between states.

Our services/product include:

  1. Pickup and delivery
  2. Same day delivery
  3. Bulk delivery
  4. Move and relocation

Our Vision

To become a brand that improve the quality of life of people and the environment

Our Mission

To successfully provide quality services and products in the delivery and transport sector to our customers that will bring them closer to their aspiration.

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Phone - +2348028794795
Email - logistics@mcmudia.com
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