Our Businesses

Mcmudia Properties & Facilities Ltd

Mcmudia Properties & Facilities LIMITED is a registered company located & Operating in Nigeria. We are an indigenous facility management, property management, project management, and Maintenance company. Since we began operations in 2021, we have continued to increase our portfolio in various sectors and in different states of the federation.

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Mcmudia Transport & Logistics Ltd

Mcmudia Logistics And Transport Limited is the subsidiary arm of the group operating in the transport sector of the economy. Since its establishment in 2021, we have continued to increase our completed pickup and delivery orders within the city of Lagos and its environs.

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Mcmudia Oil & Gas Ltd

Mcmudia Oil and Gas Limited was set up to fill the gas supply gap in our today demand. Mcmudia oil and gas is the group's subsidiary into the supply of gas and petroleum products. We do not just supply these products, we ensure these products get to the end user’s doorstep. Thereby eliminating the inconvenience that comes with the logistics.

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Mcmudia Premium Wash

Mcmudia Premium Wash is the group's arm into laundry, dry cleaning, and general cleaning services. When we say we want to improve the quality of life of people and the environment, we mean every word of it. We recognise how much Lagosians struggle in traffic and go through their day-to-day work life, this has put them in a situation where doing their laundry and cleaning is an added stress, and we are here to fill that gap and take away the stress.

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Mcmudia Integrated Services

Mcmudia Integrated Services was established in 2015 to provide safety, environmental services, and maintenance/repair works. We first started providing services to clients in Port Harcourt helping set up safety management systems that meet up with Shell and Chevron standards and processes. We also conducted EIAs for companies as part of their steps towards processing licence or bid for a contract.

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